Guide to Profit

Needed Steps to earn serious money online.

Replication is the KEY Keeping in mind that this guide is meant to assist you in getting your first website up and running, after which you will find it considerably easier and much less expensive to add more websites. More Sites = More Money

The Links furnished below are all older vetted solid businesses that we fully endorse. While there are 1000’s of sites that offer many ways to earn money online we are offering these affirmed sites in order to get you up and running without all the risk, confusion and head spinning details involved in making all the necessary moves to set up an online business.  This guidance and information is essential for the newbie to Affiliate Marketing.

1  Paypal Account.                                                Free

A Paypal Account is a must. They are free and accepted by most all on the internet. You will need only a bank account in order to signup.

2 Affilate Account.               Free

One of the oldest, most respected and trusted affiliate marketing websites on the internet. With a free account here you will be able to select a niche from hundreds of vendor offers. They will offer lots of help for the newbie such as landing pages, advertising banners, sales videos, sales advise ECT.

3 Clickbank University                        $205

Education is essential to success and there is no better place to get all the affiliate marketing and guidance information than from the Pros at Clickbank University.

4  Find Niche                                                    Time/Effort

A niche can be something you have a knowledge and interest in. Could be a pet, boats, health, weight ect. On Clickbank you will find hundreds of selections in many catagories.

5                  50.00 1yr  3 sites 

Here is where you will be able to search for and purchase a Domain Name and Hosting. For approx 50.00 you will get 1 Domain name and Hosting for 3 websites for a period of 1 Year. These folks are very generous with their assistance

6                                           40.00

      7  Promote